MOBITES Craft Sliders Is Catering on the Slide!
MOBITES  Craft Sliders Is Catering on the Slide!


MO-BUNS are sourced locally in the Orange County by the BEST ARTISAN BAKERS for FRESH TASTE.



MO-MEATS are cooked on a FRY TOP GRILL to HOLd in all the that goodness for you




MO-SAUCE is a AIOLI base and is INFUSED with SWEET ,SPICE , AND SAVORY. this is where @ MOBITES we give you the oppertunity to become "THE INFUSER" of your own BITES!


Homemade chocolate & cocounut cookies!



MOBITES is more then catering its about INFUSING life through a BITE!




Welcome to MoBites.  We are still crafting our website so please keep checking for updates

MOBITES - Infusing Life Through A Bite

MOBITES specializes in providing catering services in the Orange County area for community, corporate events, birthdays, weddings, anniversary celebrations and other private events. For any type of event that calls for a celebration, we are Gourmet Catering On The Slide!

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